MINERVA SURGICAL INC insider trading activity

Understanding Insider Activity at MINERVA SURGICAL INC

Welcome to our dedicated page for MINERVA SURGICAL INC (Nasdaq: UTRS) insider trading activity, sourced directly from the SEC Form 4 Filings. Here, you'll find the latest buying and selling activities undertaken by MINERVA SURGICAL INC's key insiders, providing a unique window into the company's internal sentiments.

How to Use This Data:

Below, you can view insider transactions that were reported to the SEC within the last 365 days.

While insider trading can hint at a company's prospects, it's crucial to approach this data as part of a broader investment strategy. Look for patterns over time, significant buys or sells, and consider other market factors before making investment decisions.

Scroll down to view the most recent insider transactions for MINERVA SURGICAL INC, and gain a better understanding of the confidence and considerations of those intimately tied to the company's success.

Track insider trades for UTRS
TickerTime & DateFilingLink
UTRS2:25:19 AM, 2/11/2023
NEW ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES 13 LP purchased 24437927 shares of MINERVA SURGICAL INC (UTRS) for ~$4887585

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