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Enter your desired minimum purchase amount.
You'll receive email notifications every time an insider reports a purchase exceeding this value.

Enter the tickers of the stocks you're interested in (e.g., KO, AMZN).
You'll receive email notifications every time an insider reports a sale for any of these stocks.

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Why Do You Need Insider Trading Alerts?

Empower your investment strategy with real-time insider trading alerts. Make informed decisions, safeguard your portfolio, and seize opportunities in any market environment.

Risk Reduction

Real-Time Warnings: Immediate alerts on insider sales within your portfolio help you avoid losses and navigate through bear markets more safely.

Smart Decision-Making

Insightful Alerts: Get instant notifications on insider trades, helping you make timely and informed investment decisions, regardless of market conditions.

Uncover Opportunities

Opportunity Alerts: Be the first to know about significant insider purchases, highlighting potential investment opportunities in both bear and bull markets.

Whether in a bull market πŸ“ˆ or a bear market πŸ“‰, insiders such as CEOs and CFOs have access to critical information that you don't.
It's essential to monitor their stock transactions to capitalize on their insider knowledge.

How it works

Watch insider deals in three steps and get instant alerts. This helps you stay updated and make smarter choices for your investments.

Step 1. Sign up & Set Your Criteria

Sign up and customize your notification settings to fit your investing strategy. Choose to receive notifications when insiders buy shares above a certain dollar amount, and when insiders sell shares from your portfolio tickers.
Insider Buy Stock: Sign up & Set Your Criteria
Insider Buy Stock: Receive Only Relevant Alerts

Step 2. Receive Only Relevant Alerts

Get real-time notifications whenever an insider files a report with the SEC that meets your criteria. No more scouring through endless reports - we'll deliver the most relevant information right to your inbox.

Step 3. Take Informed Action

Armed with this valuable insider knowledge, you can make informed investment decisions with confidence. Buy, sell, or hold - the choice is yours.
Insider Buy Stock: Take Informed Action

"Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise."

– Peter Lynch, investment legend


Keeping It Simple: We believe in transparent, straightforward pricing. That's why we offer just one comprehensive package, ensuring you get all our premium features without any complications or hidden costs."

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Unlock the power of real-time insider trading data and tailored notifications. Elevate your investment strategy with our comprehensive monthly membership.

What’s included

  • Real-Time Buy Alerts: Receive instant notifications every time an insider makes a significant purchase based on your set minimum amount.
  • Portfolio Watch: Stay informed with alerts whenever insiders sell shares from stocks within your personal portfolio.
  • Daily Briefings: End your day informed with a curated summary of insider trading activities, delivered to your inbox from Monday to Friday.
  • Exclusive Analytics Access: Dive deep into insights with analytics tailored to your interests on your personal dashboard.

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